Lingerie, Linger-nay

Have you ever been on a getaway with your lover, significant other, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, mistress, sugar daddy? I think I covered everyone. Now, when you go on this get away, what do you plan to do while with your special someone? Relax? Sex? Sight see? Relax while having sex during sight seeing? Nonetheless, … More Lingerie, Linger-nay

Double Life

This is the part where One should come out as Hannah Montana, or that a lesbian, or more, have a family in a different state, married to a man in prison, and have a boyfriend in Italy. Sadly, those would all probably be more interesting than the double life I have.  Each day, its the … More Double Life


Do you know those people who would rather be married to their work than to a human? The people who put work above all else and just keep moving?  I grew up in a range of work ethic. My mom was a stay at home, dad worked for the city, grandma a teachers assistant for … More Workaholic


I hate making plans because about 98% of the time I get my hopes up way to high only to get them crushed. It seems like everyone is willing to make plans with other people, but when it’s time for me, suddenly there’s no time, no money, and no commitment.  This is definitely not a … More DisappointmentĀ 

When Do You Tell?

A big conversation/debate I have always gotten in to is when to tell your man you’re pregnant. Do you wait until doctors confirm? Do you have him there when you test? What’s the proper way to go about it? Gentlemen, when do you want to find out? Do you think it’s fun doing the pregnancy … More When Do You Tell?