Use To, Has Been, Could Be 🙄

I am probably the absolute worst for talking about my feelings. It’s a lot easier for me to write down my feelings, thoughts, emotions because it’s less arguing in real life. People will read whatever and then not discuss it and it’s great. It’s actually taken me two days just to write this. I started writing when I was angry and frustrated. I figured it was best to step away, calm down, and not be a petty asshole. 

The topic I’m going to touch on is probably the most annoying thing, mixed with a little shade, and a couple of stabs. How many people have exes? 🙋🏽 How many people are in contact with them? It can be friendship, neighbors, relatatives, roommates, whatever, but talk to them occasionally? Great perfect, I’m going to assume 100 of you raised your hands. Now, how many times does this person(s) tell you that they have talked about you to someone else? 

It drives me absolutely crazy when someone is telling you about how they told so and so about a, b, c and d, but instead of referring to you as someone who is PRESENTLY in their life, they refer to you as someone FORMERLY in their life. Like, helloooo, you expect me to talk to you everyday, but you want to talk about and mock things that are actually important to me? That’s cool, bruh. When you portray things negatively, it is received negatively. Whether it’s to 1 party or 12, if you send that message, it’s going to be received that way. 

With that there comes insecurities, hurt feelings, attitude, the works. My advice is this, if you are that person on the receiving in, as much insecurity as it will give you, try to look passed it. If someone doesn’t want to have you in their present then they probably aren’t worth your future. Life is about choices and compromises. But never underestimate yourself and sell yourself short. I am the most confident insecure person you will ever meet and that’s okay. It’s okay to not be perfect, annoying, but okay. 

Be happy, never settle. Love hard, don’t hardly love. Be a risk taker. 


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