Nudie Selfies

Can someone explain to me the point of posting naked photos on your Snapchat story with some sexual caption? I mean, I send my better half a sext or nude🍑 all the time, but I never post it to my story. I don’t want my milkshake to bring every boy to the yard, just him. 

It’s like I get on Snapchat in the morning to check out people’s interesting lives, “oh my goodness, Jason was up late, wonder what he got in to tonight?” Then BAM, naked bathroom selfie. Like, bruh, no, stop 🚫 Then there’s the girl you met in school; from the side picture preview, it looks like she’s at a fun bar. She in fact was NOT at a fun bar. You view her story and homegirl is fucking playing with herself, like oh hell no, put that thing away.😷

Like I said, I’m all for sexting and nudies to an INDIVIDUAL person, or boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or whatever other relationship combo you are into, or even if you’re sluttin’ it up, sending it to multiple people, but please don’t post it on your Snapchat story. There are innocent bystanders that just wanted to know if you went to a bar, bought a dog, got out of bed, the usual things. Not everyone wants to know your dick size or if you wax. Which I recommend Brazilian waxes because it’s easier on life, but that isn’t my point, just don’t do it. 

If you feel like someone is curious, you want the D, you’re lonely and horny, send it to them individually, and be prepared for a screenshot and half of their friends to see. I know this from experience. I was that girl that would show my bestfriend all of the dick pictures I got, we would judge the fuck out the guy. BUT EVEN WITH THAT, be careful, because you may end up falling in love with that person and now your bestfriend has seen your boyfriend’s penis. 🤷🏽‍♀️



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