Figured Out Life

Remember when you were 12 and the internet was just becoming a thing, your email inbox and aol instant messenger were constantly being blown up with, “if you don’t send this to twelve people, you’ll be forever alone, have a life time of bad luck, never make a billion dollars and die in 7 days”. Now how many of you never passed that shit on? šŸ™‹šŸ½ 

Great, you’re life sucks too. I am convinced my life is fucked all because I didn’t send those half a million chain letters as a kid. I should of passed them on to my friends. Maybe now I’d be married, retired, rich, famous, skinny, and beautiful. 

Don’t make the same mistakes. Find those chain letters and send, send, send! 

Now forward this to 10 people or you will grow up to be a broken down, rusted, fire truck with no money, no love, and a million cats. 


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