Constantly Living In the Past

It’s frustrating when someone wants to constantly bring up things that have happened, especially when you’re trying to move on from it. I hate when that’s the first thing they throw in an arguememt. 

I have had to over come a lot of thoughts, frustrations, hurt and more. It seems like the entire way my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts, were dismissed and pushed aside. It was like I was silly for having any of those thoughts or feelings. I’ve laid in bed at night crying myself to sleep over nonsense while the other person is hanging out like nothing’s going on. I hate that my thoughts and feelings are dismissed, but there’s are made present and it’s bad if you don’t want to talk about it. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m better off gone. Out of sight, out of mind, never around to bother another soul. Would that be worth it? Would it make things stop? Would people care or rejoice with excitement? 

It’s even more frustrating when someone tells you that you aren’t alone and they have your back, bit they don’t. They dismiss you, find bigger and better things. You’re left alone, sad, more screwed up than before. 

Ugh, yay for being screwed up. 


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