Do you know those people who would rather be married to their work than to a human? The people who put work above all else and just keep moving? 

I grew up in a range of work ethic. My mom was a stay at home, dad worked for the city, grandma a teachers assistant for special needs, and grandpa who works on forklifts. Everyone’s work ethic was different, but mostly hard working. Then there’s me, all through out college I had a job. I started just working at a dance studio. Then I started working retail, the dance studio, and full time at school. I’ve been that way every since. I am on the go constantly and never have a moment to just rest. 

Growing up, and even to this day, my grandpa will wake up at 4:30am, leave by 5:30am, and get to work by 6:00am. He’d work all day, come home, complete his “honey do” list, then watch tv for a couple hours and get ready for bed. He has weekends off so he gets time to himself, but he never just sits still and doesn’t work. Being around that, I became the same way. 

Now what happens when you date someone who is more invested in their work than you? If you’re anything like me, which let us pray you aren’t, you adjust your sleep schedule, adjust to their life, as well as maintain your own. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are doing that, if you are being the convenience in their life, stop. You are going to end up never sleeping, never having any time, and living your life grumpy as fuck. Trust me, two people with strong work ethics, knowledge, and common sense, have the ability to take over the world, but the relationship will never stand tall if you both can’t give it your all. If you’re sitting here and you match the discription of a workaholic, but you’re thinking, “that’s not me, I give it my all”. You’re the person I’m talking to. 

Then we have people who say they’re workaholics because they have a full time, 8 hour plus job. Then you look at their work ethic or lack of work ethic and you want to punch them, in the face, with a chair. 

Bottom line to all my workaholics, take sometime to yourself, to your family, to your spouse. Take that moment to experience life. Remember when you were a kid and nothing matter except if you got to drive your Barbie car that day? Have a carefree, yes kind of day. 


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